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Character of the Week - Hades
DisneyDan  Sunday, July 10, 2011 4:42:35 AM
Hades is the hot headed, wise cracking god of the Underworld.
His parents once ruled the world, but they ran it with brute force and little compassion. They were known as the Titans. The Titan’s children decided to overthrow the Titans, and so they were rounded up and banished to the deepest, darkest depths of the Earth.

DLP June 2011 - A Special Disney's Stars 'n' Cars

Things did not go so well after that for Hades though. His brother Zeus became head of all the gods, and the rest of the siblings took on other positions. Hades got the short end of the straw, and was sent to be keeper of the Underworld, where all dead souls end up.
Hades held Zeus in contempt for this for millennia, until something happened that made Hades set in motion his evil scheme to overthrow his brother for good. A rarely occurring certain alignment of the planets meant that the Titans could be unleashed…

DLP June 2011 - A Special Disney's Stars 'n' Cars

Zeus had had a child named Hercules, and the Fates had told Hades that Hercules would be his downfall. Hades sent his two (incompetent) minions, Pain and Panic to dispose of the child, and they did – or so Hades thought.
When Hades discovered that Hercules was alive, he set up an evil scheme to destroy Hercules. He used his female prisoner Megara as bait for Hercules, and it almost worked.
Hercules gave up his god-like abilities for one day as part of a deal to keep Meg safe, and guarantee Hades that the Titans could be released unhindered. But as part of the deal Hades made his fatal mistake – he agreed for Meg not to be hurt by the Titans.
The Titans were even beyond Hades true control, and in the fierce battle between Hercules and one of the Titans, Meg became fatally injured, breaking the deal made with Hades.
Hades being ever devious and wanting rid of Hercules, tricked him into going into the River Styx to retrieve Meg’s soul. Hercules’s life force is drained away, and he comes close to death.
Proving himself a true hero, Hercules was saved from death at the last second by being restored as a full god. Hercules sent the Titans packing, and as for Hades, he got to know the Underworld a whole lot better than he had ever known it before…

At the Parks and Resorts

Hades is rarely seen in anything at any of the Parks and Resorts, or on any merchandise. He does have a statue/figurine of himself on the Villains float of the Once Upon a Dream Parade, and he does appear as a face character in the Villains Tonight show aboard the Cruise Line. To be honest, that is pretty much it.

Disney's Stars and Motorcars Parade

Meeting Hades

Hades, sadly, never meets his fans – although last year he was seen sporadically at the Mickey’s Halloween Treat parties in Disneyland. We have no idea if he will return this year.

DLP June 2011 - A Special Disney's Stars 'n' Cars

More information

More information about Hades, plus a lot more pictures of him, can be found on his official page here on this site.

And finally…

Power crazy and devious, Hades set his sights high. In his pursuit of absolute control of the universe, Hades became ignorant to details that would eventually cause his downfall. Now stuck forever in the swirling green waters of the River Styx, Hades has a lot of time to reflect on how he only has himself to blame.

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